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Your custom flavored CBD oil: add a taste of fall to your routine

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The time of pumpkin and peppermint-flavored food and drink has come once again as a gentle reminder that we have officially left summer and fall has arrived. If you’re one of the many people who enjoy adding a touch of the season to your daily routine, then this article is for you! We’ll show you how to spice up your wellness routine for the season with a flavored CBD oil.

Getting started:

The first step to adding flavor to CBD is to ensure you are working with the right formulation. As you can imagine, it can be quite difficult to add flavor to a CBD balm or capsule. So, for the sake of this exercise, make sure you are working with the easiest form of CBD to flavor: the tincture.

A CBD tincture—or CBD oil, as it is commonly referred to—is an extraction of the active CBD cannabinoids in an easy-to-use liquid you can drop right on your tongue. It typically comes in a glass bottle with a dropper to help measure precise doses.  

How to flavor CBD oil with Yesterday CBD oil

Make sure you are starting out with a natural or unflavored CBD tincture (not a flavored CBD oil), otherwise you may be in for some interesting flavor combinations. We recommend starting with Yesterday Wellness: The exhale. Once you have your CBD oil, pick out your favorite fall flavors online or from a grocery store. 

The same flavor agents you use to flavor foods and drinks can be used here as well. You can usually find these in the condiment or spice aisle at the grocery store. A quick search for “flavoring” on Amazon or your favorite online retailer should turn up similar results. 

The mix is in: your very own flavored CBD oil!

Once you have your favorite CBD oil and flavor, creating a seasonal-themed CBD routine is as easy as 1-2-3. Really, all you need to do is add one to three droplets of the flavoring into your CBD oil, close the top of the CBD bottle and give a gentle shake. Voila! Your very own flavored CBD oil!

Flavors like gingerbread, peppermint, pumpkin spice and eggnog can all help add a touch of the season to your everyday wellness routine, but their taste varies greatly from flavor to flavor and product to product. For best results start with one drop, give it a quick taste and then decide from there if you need to add more.

There you have it, an easy and fun way to (pumpkin) spice up your favorite CBD products. Now the hard part…what flavor will you choose?

Yesterday offers a full-line of hemp derived CBD oil, containing broad-spectrum hemp extract and zero THC. Feel free to check out our full selection of oils and softgels to help bring a sense of calm to your daily life. To learn more about the CBD basics, we recommend reading more from our CBD 101 articles, available here.

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