#Yesterdate: Stacy Anderson from KENT on sustainable underwear & empathy | Yesterday Wellness | Stories

#Yesterdate: Stacy Anderson from KENT on sustainable underwear & empathy

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It’s always a pleasure when you get to collaborate with like minded brands and form strong connections. The motivation that comes from connecting with individuals who share similar values to you and your brand is inspiring. This is especially true when the people behind the brands are dedicated to cultivating meaningful change in people’s lives through their offerings, which is exactly how we feel about Stacy Anderson, founder of organic pima cotton sustainable underwear brand, KENT. We took the opportunity to sit down with Stacy as we work on something super special behind the scenes together. Join us for our very first #Yesterdate (cringe, but in a cute way – right?) where we sat down with Stacy and learned more about the inspiration behind KENT, Stacy’s take on self-care, and some of her favorite wellness habits. And be sure to stay tuned for our collaboration coming this week.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

A sustainable-minded, mature millennial and Canadian living, loving, building and exploring life in LA.

What’s one thing you really love about yourself?

Being an early morning person, it seems to serve me well as I get older.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do for a living?

Making others feel comfortable and being part of their sustainability journey, one brief at a time.

Stacy Anderson from sustainable underwear brand KENT on comfort, sustainability & empathy

Was there a specific moment that got you to create KENT, your sustainable underwear brand?

I age-d out of synthetic underwear found in bins at the shopping mall, and realized there were only uncomfortable, lacey, stringy options that didn’t prioritize me or my health. Finding organic pima cotton was a match made in sustainable-comfortable heaven, better for our bums and better for our planet.

Do you have a go-to wellness product? What is it?

Lemon water in the morning, it wakes me up, is readily available and feels like a fresh zing to get things going.

What does self-care mean to you?

Empathy, for oneself. Oftentimes empathy is defined in relation to another and we are less often to display or provide to ourselves (me included!). I’m trying to listen to my mind, body and soul now more than ever. After actually suffering from shingles this year (something we’re told only 60+ people get, but actually many younger do as well), I took it as a wake up call to slow down, balance, and prioritize what’s important to reduce stress and create the life I’m excited, passionate and can live in each and every day. 

Stacy Anderson from sustainable underwear brand KENT on comfort, sustainability & empathy

What do you know, if anything, about CBD? Is there anything you would like to learn about it?

I’m a little novice in this space, and so thrilled to discover Yesterday that makes the industry feel so approachable and welcoming. I’m excited to learn about the topical benefits of CBD and how I can integrate it into my overall wellness routines, how it can work with and for my body

Where can people find you?

@wearkent, www.wearkent.com and stacy@wearkent.com for personal love notes.

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