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#Yesterdate: Jackie Van Ruler on facial reflexology for self-care

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When Jackie agreed to contribute a video to our Closing Ceremony series, I was thrilled. Her generosity and sincere care for the health and wellbeing of others can be felt through her videos, and even more so when communicating with her directly. I came across facial reflexology just a few months ago and have been fascinated by its ability to soothe and heal the body. It’s an extremely versatile practice and can be used to address and treat a whole host of troubles; ranging from those associated with mental health, physical health and even beauty. The results I’ve seen in my own experience encouraged me to share the practice with you. I hope you benefit from it as much as I have.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

A caregiver working on self-care.

What’s one thing you really love about yourself?

The one thing I really love about myself is the ability to adapt to change. Growing up, I moved a lot and it helped me realize that change can be scary but it’s also adventurous!

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do for a living?

It’s getting messages from my followers, clients and students about the changes that they notice in the way they feel, physical symptoms and what they see on their face.

What prompted you to live a more holistic lifestyle?

I spent the first 20 years of my career as an RN and developed IBS. I was working a ton and just didn’t feel good. Even though I was in “healthcare”, I wasn’t healthy. I was overworking, eating everything in sight and not taking care of myself at all.

Jackie Van Ruler on facial reflexology for self-care

The holistic lifestyle actually found me. When I became an esthetician, I started going down the medical esthetics road. I got a flyer for a facial massage class and decided to take it, thinking it would be nice to pamper my clients before pouring acid on their face or microneedling.

However, I took before and after pictures during the class and the results were incredible. My face was less puffy, less sensitive, softer and more even toned than it had ever been. It turns out that by supporting the body from the inside out, you can have incredible skin.
That made me look at many holistic changes in a totally new way!

Was there a specific trigger that inspired you to pursue facial reflexology and start the Mind Body Beauty Institute?

After taking that facial massage class, I found a book called Facial Reflexology for Self-care. I was so fascinated by it that I began searching for classes and couldn’t find any. I eventually found one and signed up immediately.

Because of my background in healthcare, I was fascinated with healing the body in such a unique way. I took the class and was immediately hooked. However, there was a ton of information in the course and it didn’t totally fit together for me. I took another course and kept learning about it.

The one thing that kept coming up was that my clients literally got happier during treatments. I began to explore Chinese medicine and found the correlation between the health of your organs and your emotional well-being. As I read more and more about it, I knew that I had to tie this treatment together with organ health and developed the 5 Elements Facial Flow class.

I started the Mind Body Beauty Institute to train others how to take care of their health and also become practitioners in this method. My goal is to make this easy(-ish) and fun to learn!

Jackie Van Ruler on facial reflexology for self-care

A guide to the points Jackie stimulates in this month’s Closing Ceremony

Who can benefit from facial reflexology?

Everyone can benefit from facial reflexology. We store so much of our stress and trauma within our body and this helps to release that so that we feel better. You can actually feel the stress leaving as you do it! I have a few free programs for those who are interested in getting started.

  • The Love Your Face, Love Your Life course is a library of free videos to get started. Everyone gets 40 days access to that.
  • The 5 Elements of Your Face is a mini taste of the 5 Elements Facial Flow course. You can find out lots of information about yourself from that!
  • The #1 Thing to Age Gracefully is a mini-course in facial massage that shows you the best thing you can do daily to slow down the aging process!

All these mini-courses are available through this link: https://linktr.ee/jackievanruler

Where can people find you?

On my website: www.jackievanruler.com
On Instagram: @mindbodybeautyinstitute
On YouTube: Jackie Van Ruler

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    Hey, I think it would be fare to credit her former teachers who inspired her method of facial reflexology. From who she studied. Just being ethical and honest about the roots. And those before her who spent their lives researching.

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