Reducing waste & repurposing our CBD bottles

Reducing waste & repurposing our CBD bottles

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Everyone has an environmental impact. We use energy to heat and light our homes, drive vehicles that pollute the atmosphere, and buy non-sustainable products from the supermarket. When the global population was smaller and less advanced, this impact was less significant, but with the rise of global warming, it’s more important than ever to do our best to reduce our impact on the planet.

This doesn’t mean you have to trade your car in and light your home by candlelight. You don’t even have to be completely zero waste. But if everyone makes some small changes to their habits, the combined effects will add up to something meaningful.

One valuable way you can make a difference is by reducing the amount of waste your household produces. The average household produces more than a tonne of waste each year, and if you added up the rubbish of every household in the UK alone, it would be equivalent to the weight of three and a half million double-decker buses. Not only does this waste squander Planet Earth’s natural resources, but it can end up polluting the natural environment, ending up in oceans, and killing animals.

The environmental benefit is evident, but how can you get started reducing your waste? Here are 5 simple steps.

1) Get to grips with recycling

Recycling is the best way to prevent excess waste from heading to the landfill. It ensures as much plastic, metal, cardboard, and glass as possible is repurposed and reused. Although the rules of recycling may seem intimidating, they are simpler than they look. Recycling standards vary from place to place, so do some research to understand the specific guidelines in your local area. Just wash out your containers and put them outside in a separate bin at the right time, and you know they’ll end up in the right place. Our recycling tip: repurpose your Yesterday bottles – see some ideas below!

2)  Plan your meals

Households throw out so much food each day, and when you consider the fact that more than 690 million people in the world are going hungry, it’s clear we should be doing better. Buying too much food is the principal reason for this waste, so by planning all of your meals for the week, you can ensure you only buy exactly what you need. Just write a list of all the ingredients you require, and your shopping trip will be much more eco-friendly and a lot cheaper.

3) Use reusable containers

Even though brands are starting to be more environmentally conscious, food from the supermarket always comes in excess packaging. Try to limit your packaging waste by bringing a reusable container and putting loose food items in it. This works for a surprising number of grocery items, including products from the meat and deli counter and loose fruit and vegetables. You can also buy products such as pasta, rice, nuts, and cereals in bulk from whole food stores. 

4) Start composting

Rather than putting your food waste straight in the bin, consider composting instead. All you need to do is put all your organic waste into a separate bin and feed it into your garden. This prevents excess food from going to waste and provides your garden with extra nutrients to help it flourish.

sustainable person shovelling natural soil

5) Learn to repair items

When an item breaks or wears out, most people tend to throw it away and buy a new one. But buying better quality items and repairing them when broken is much better for the environment than purchasing multiple cheap, poor-quality items and throwing them out when they fail on you. Next time you get a hole in your dress or your power drill packs it in, simply open up YouTube and find a tutorial to help you repair it.

Repurposing bottles

The best part of Yesterday products? Besides what’s inside them, of course – our packaging is eco friendly and can be reused in your everyday life. So when you are done using that CBD hemp oil for stress, grab your empty bottle and make the most out of it. The process is simple and the possibilities are endless. Since our label is designed to keep you calm, we recommend you leave it on. If you want a blank slate: remove the label by mixing boiling water with baking soda and soap, peel off the label using your nails then use the mixture to rub off the excess stickiness. Wash out your glass bottle and you’re ready to go. Some of our favourite things to do with our bottles:

CBD softgel Bottles

Fill you empty CBD softgels for sleep bottle with other pills that came in plastic containers, use them for leftover salad dressing and sauces, or take the lid off and create a mini vase for your favorite flowers (you deserve them).

hand holding yesterday wellness CBD hemp oil bottle with flowers in it

CBD hemp oil bottles 

These are great for storing and using our favourite homemade throat soothing recipe. Mix hot water with lemon and ginger, store them in our CBD Hemp Oil Bottles and take 2 drops on those days you’ve spoken a little too much.

CBD balm bottles

You can use these as a jewelry case when you travel, for storing loose change, or for taking snacks with you on-the-go.

TL;DR: Everyone has an environmental impact. We use energy to heat and light our homes, drive vehicles that pollute the atmosphere, and buy non-sustainable products from the supermarket. With the rise of global warming, you can do your part by recycling, reducing your food waste, learning how to repair items on your own, and composting. We also give you some tips for repurposing our Yesterday bottles.

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