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Does CBD make you hungry? The truth about CBD and weight

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Even though you know that CBD and weed are not the same thing, you may wonder if CBD will give you the munchies. On the contrary, you might have heard that CBD can help you lose weight, and have no idea whether it’s true or a myth. So, does CBD make you hungry? Is it good for weight loss? How can CBD help you reach your fitness goals? Keep reading to find out!

CBD and hunger: does CBD make you hungry?

As you probably know, CBD is derived from hemp. Although they are different plants, hemp and marijuana belong to the same family, so you may wonder if they share the same appetite-stimulating effects. Does CBD make you hungry? The answer is no.

Marijuana is rich in THC. As well as getting you high, THC increases your appetite by releasing a hormone that stimulates hunger. Hemp, on the other hand, contains a high proportion of CBD, but a negligible proportion of THC. As a result, unlike marijuana, it won’t make you hungry!

CBD for weight loss: can CBD help me lose weight?

Further research is still required, but current studies suggest that CBD could aid in weight loss. By making you feel happy and improving your mood, it may prevent overeating. In addition, our products pair CBD with MCT oil from coconuts. This can further help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and promoting appetite control.

CBD coconut oil

CBD could also help alter the type of fat in your body. Not all fat is bad, and the “good fat” (brown fat) helps your skin look firm and makes you look younger. On the other hand, the white fat in your body is the main type of fat that insulates your body. It’s also the form of fat in which the junk food you might eat is stored. Studies have shown that CBD could help convert the white fat into brown fat.

Other ways to do so include exercising (CBD can help with that, see below!), exposing your body to cold temperatures, and getting enough sleep. CBD can help boost the quality of your sleep by interacting with receptors in your brain, so that’s another way how it can help you lose weight.

CBD and exercise: can CBD help me reach my fitness goals more quickly?

CBD can help boost your exercise routine in many ways, so you can lose weight and/or get toned more quickly. If you take oral CBD before you start exercising, CBD can help relax your blood vessels during your workout, thus improving blood flow to your muscles. That means they get a continuous supply of oxygen, and you can work out for a longer period of time before getting sore and fatigued!

CBD can also help reduce post-workout pain and aches by reducing the transmission of signals to the brain. It is great for muscle spasms: apply a CBD balm to the affected area to calm the spasms and the pain associated with them. A topical CBD healing balm can also help relieve the inflammation that your muscles develop due to the workout, which can boost the healing of the tiny tears caused by exercise.

CBD and exercise

Lastly, CBD can give you a good night’s sleep, which can boost recovery. Sleeping is an important part of your body’s natural healing process. By boosting your sleep quality, CBD could therefore significantly boost post-workout recovery.

In short, if you want to supercharge your workout, try CBD! We recommend you use a combination of topical and oral CBD. Take an oral dose an hour before you start exercising–our Curcumin softgels are perfect for that, and apply a CBD healing balm on any sore areas of your body after your workout. The oral CBD will take care of inflammation throughout your body (especially when it’s paired with anti-inflammatory curcumin!), whereas the topical form will help soothe pain in specific problem areas. Thanks to this dynamic duo, you’re likely to be able to train for a longer time than usual, and to recover more quickly, which makes your goals much easier to reach!

Yesterday offers a full-line of hemp derived CBD oil, containing broad-spectrum hemp extract and zero THC. Feel free to check out our full selection of oils and softgels to help bring a sense of calm to your daily life. To learn more about the CBD basics, we recommend reading more from our CBD 101 articles, available here.

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