7 Podcasts To Help With Sleep, Relaxation, And Wellness

7 Podcasts To Help With Sleep, Relaxation, And Wellness

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We have all had those nights spent tossing and turning as we try to get relaxed and give into sleep. Getting the proper amount of quality sleep is essential to our health and overall wellness. Unfortunately, there are many people who can’t seem to get enough of it!

Although the blue light from our phones can contribute to our lack of sleep, they may contain more resources to help you experience better sleep than you think. Podcasts have long taught us about true crime, history, social and cultural events, and now they are at the forefront of teaching people more about their health and wellness.

Because many podcasts rely on interviews with experts and others with first-hand knowledge on their respective topics, they provide a great deal of knowledge and advice. IF you aren’t sure about where to start, keep reading to learn more about the podcasts that can teach you more about wellness and sleep.

#1 Sleep With Me

So many of us struggle with quieting our minds when it comes time to get some shut-eye. Sleep With Me helps with that! This podcast, provided by the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), describes itself as a bedtime story that becomes more boring as the story progresses. Drew Ackerman, the narrator of Sleep With Me who goes by the nickname “Dearest Scooter,” details a variety of mundane and tedious subjects in a detailed and monotonous narrative style.

These stories are designed to let your mind wander from the actual plot and subject matter into a drowsy and welcomed sleep. Most of the episodes last from 60 to 90 minutes, giving you plenty of time to unwind and fall asleep. All in all, this is a great podcast for those who have trouble quieting their mind when it comes to bedtime.

Podcasts for sleep

#2 Sleep Meditation Podcast

White noise is one of the most commonly used methods to aid those who need help falling asleep. The Sleep Mediation Podcast collects 30 to 60 minutes clips of comforting and relaxing sounds. Each episode contains the sounds of heavy thunderstorms, crackling campfires, and other household noises to help induce an aural sleep with white noise.

Each episode is aptly titled to let listeners know what they will be listening to. For example, in an episode titled “Captain’s Cabin,” listeners can hear the sounds of what it might be like to kick back on a pirate ship in the middle of a calm ocean.

#3 Nothing Much Happens: Bedtime Stories For Adults

This podcast walks the listener through a series of calming experiences in the form of short stories. The narrator of Nothing Much Happens tells each experience with great description, detail, and no true plot. These episodes are created to take you on a journey through everyday happenings – taking an unexpected nap or baking a fresh loaf of bread.

Nicolai, the narrator, tells each story twice. This first time, the story is told with a normal cadence and speed. However, the second time around, Nicolai tells the story with a slower speech and longer pauses to help you, the listener, fall asleep.

#4 Unlocking Us

This is a podcast that you will want to stay awake for. Hosted by Brené Brown, Unlocking Us focuses on helping listeners learn more about themselves. Through this deeper analysis of themselves, they can unlock the deepest parts of who they are to become better parents, entrepreneurs, and human beings.

Seeking happiness and contentment in all areas of our lives helps us live more fully. When we feel fulfilled, our overall health and wellness thrive by learning new ways to identify and lead with your strength and apply it to succeed in many different areas in your life.

#5 Elevated With Mara

Many of us struggle to find health and wellness advice that is interesting and relatable. Elevated with Mara, a podcast hosted by ABC news correspondent Mara Schiavocampo is a 30-minute podcast that covers everything related to health and wellness topics. These topics cover many different situations, such as staying mindful during the holidays and reinventing yourself no matter what your age.

The best part about Elevated With Mara is how approachable, and interesting the host is and how she delivers the subject matter. Mara Schiavocampo pulls inspiration and real-world experience from her own 90-pound weight loss journey. After struggling for many years with her weight, she details safe and practical advice related to health and wellness.

#6 Ashtanga Dispatch

Yoga is not only a great way to move your body and stretch your muscles, but it is also incredibly relaxing and can contribute to better overall health and wellness. One of the greatest things about yoga is that it is for everyone! Many people don’t realize just how deep this topic can go.

Ashtanga Dispatch tackles all of these topics and more. Host Peg Mulqueen uses her master’s in psychology and two decades of yoga experience to teach listeners more about yoga and other topics. Mulqueen explores topics with teachers and students who talk about their yoga practices but isn’t afraid to dig deeper into philosophical conversations and the science behind yoga poses.

#7 TEDTalks Health

The TEDTalks Health podcast series makes way for renowned and innovative experts to discuss the latest medical breakthroughs. Additionally, these experts present fresh takes on familiar topics. This is a great podcast for those who are looking to expand their knowledge of health and wellness. One of the best parts is that it covers such a vast

Each podcast episode features a presentation that was previously shared at a Ted conference, TEDx event, or TED partner event. The episodes vary in length – some are small, digestible bites of information, while others are full-length and in-depth. This variety allows you to choose the perfect podcast no matter what you are doing.

The best podcasts to help with sleep


Podcasts can offer a wealth of information on many different topics, include health and wellness. The portability and accessibility of this medium make it simple to incorporate your favorite podcasts into your daily routines. Whether you are seeking new information on health and wellness or trying to fall asleep, there is a podcast for that! So grab a bottle of our CBD softgels for sleep, cue up an episode from a featured sleep podcast and get ready to embark on a new self-care journey.

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