6 Things To Start Incorporating To Prevent Aging

What’s Missing From Your Morning? 6 Things To Start Incorporating To Prevent Aging

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Getting older—it’s something that despite your best efforts is inevitably going to happen. While it’s important to embrace this process as a beautiful part of life, it’s also understandable that you may be looking for a few ways to slow down the aging process, especially on your skin. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Check out a few of the ways you can fight against aging by adding a few simple steps to your everyday morning routine.

Get your collagen boost

By now, you’ve probably heard of collagen…but what is it exactly? It is a significant protein that comes in many types within the human body responsible for the structure of skin, in addition to other parts like the bones and ligaments. Unfortunately, collagen production decreases as we age into adulthood. This can have an effect on the youthful appearance of skin and the weakening of muscles.

Luckily, you can get ahead of these adverse effects of aging by taking supplements. In fact, there are specific benefits of taking collagen supplements including positives like relieving joint pains, promoting skin health and structure, boosting muscle mass, and more! Look into a natural collagen builder that makes it easy to consume in a yummy way by simply adding it to your morning coffee or cup of water! Bonus—the extracts of white tea and hyaluronic acid will keep your skin protected from toxins.

Reduce stress levels

Although it’s impossible to avoid stress altogether, too much can actually be affecting you more than you realize. Premature skin aging is a result of higher stress levels, but what does that mean exactly? MDVIP discusses common ways your skin is affected by stress, like a compromised skin barrier and thinning of the dermis.

If you find yourself waking up stressed in the morning, consider a few activities that will help lower your cortisol levels and start your day off on the right track. Trying out a morning meditation routine or quick yoga session can help you stay more focused throughout the day, diminish negative thoughts, and help with breathwork—all great avenues to combating stress.

Protect yourself from blue light

If you use a smartphone, work from a laptop, or even watch television you’re exposing yourself to what’s known as artificial blue light. This type of light, which digital devices emit, can have a negative effect on both the skin and eyes. While immediate effects may include eye strain or headaches, it’s important to remember some if the larger influences blue light has. As this type of light can disrupt the body’s sleep cycle as well as cause skin cell shrinkage, this can leave the skin with increased signs of aging.

While you can try to limit the amount of time you spend on your devices with a digital detox, sometimes that is easier said than done. As many people’s first action of the day is to check their phone, an easy incorporation to your morning routine is to wake up and and wear blue light blocking glasses. Keeping these on your bedside table will ensure that you protect your eye from the minute you open them as the lenses work to filter out this harsh artificial light, as well as working to reduce other physical effects from extra screen-heavy days. Remember, less blue light exposure equals more sleep; and more sleep will have your skin looking young and healthy.

Amp up your skincare

It’s no secret that what you put into your body plays a big role in your beauty routine, but what products you are using on your skin can also play a role in how fast your skin ages.

With that being said, it’s crucial to stay aware of the specific ingredients that are in your beauty products. There are actually ingredients that cause wrinkles, so avoiding certain alcohols, sulfates, and chemical sunscreens is your best bet to stay looking younger. So, when you wake up for your morning skincare routine, stray away from these specific ingredients and focus on investing in products that include nourishing components like hyaluronic acid, retinol, and lactic acid.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of the visible changes to your skin is a result of your direct sun exposure. This can include changes like wrinkles or liver spots, and are usually associated with older age. Not only does excessive sun exposure lead to older looking skin, but it can have some serious health threats as you are susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer if not properly protected.

So when you wake up and check the weather first thing in the morning, remember that wearing your sunscreen is important even on the colder or cloudier days! It’s recommended to wear an SPF of at least 15-30 every day, and higher on the days you expect to spend more time in the sun or a higher UV index. Luckily, you can find this type of coverage in many moisturizers or makeup products, making it even easier to make sun protection a daily habit.

TL;DR: Your morning routine is something incredibly personal and something completely tailored to your needs. Preventing aging doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be something that you can work towards right when you wake up! Finding ways to protect your skin right from the start of your day is a great way to maintain skin health all day long. Reducing blue light exposure, being attentive with your skincare routine, and making sure you include sunscreen every morning will help create a strong foundation to your morning routine and keep you feeling fresh and young for years to come.

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